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New Painting Completed

New Painting Completed - 05/28/16

The painting in the new building was just completed. It's a transformed space!

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Holy Pascha 2016

HOLY PASCHA 2016 - 05/01/16

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

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Holy Friday Matins 2016

Holy Friday Night - 04/29/16

Holy Friday Night, the Matins of Holy Saturday

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Palm Sunday 2016

Palm Sunday 2016 - 04/24/16

On Sunday, April 24, Holy Apostles Mission celebrated the Great Feast of the Entry of the Lord into Jersualem with a Baptismal Liturgy of David Linnehan, with a festal procession following the service. Many years to the newly Illumined David!

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Drywall Goes Up

Drywall goes up! - 04/04/16

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Church Wall Signing

Church Wall Signing - 02/07/16

On Sunday, February 7, the faithful of Holy Apostles went to the new property and "left their mark" on the walls of the new building before the insulation and drywall go up. It was a neat experience to see that many people come and see the progress of the new Building.

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Interior Construction

Interior Construction - 12/06/15

Pictures from the Interior Construction

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Trusses #2

Trusses #2 (Kiril's Photos) - 11/16/15

More trusses!

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Trusses go up!

Trusses go up! - 11/16/15

On Monday, November 16, the trusses were installed for the new building!

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Archbishop Mark Visits!

Archbishop Mark Visits! - 10/18/15

On Sunday, October 18, His Eminence, Archbishop Mark visited Holy Apostles Mission and led the faithful in the celebration of a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy. We rejoiced in having our Archpastor and father in Christ with us - Eis polla eti Dhespota!

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More walls go up!

More walls go up! - 09/15/15

More walls go up!

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Walls go up! - 09/14/15

On Monday, September 14, the Feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross, we were overjoyed to see the walls on the new building going up! So exciting!

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Elevation of the Cross 2015

Elevation of the Cross 2015 - 09/13/15

On Sunday evening, September 13, Holy Apostles celebrated Great Vespers, Litiya, & the Procession of the Holy Cross. As a special blessing, our cross has embedded into it a relic of the Lord's Cross. S'prazdnikom!

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Church School 2015 - 09/13/15

On Sunday, September 13, we had our first day of Church School for the new year. As is our custom, Fr. Timothy served the Proskomedia service in the center of the Church and explained it to the parish. At the conclusion of the Liturgy, special prayers were said to bless the students and their teachers for a sucessful school year.

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Walls go up! - 09/14/15

On Monday, September 14, the Feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross, we were overjoyed to see the walls on the new building going up! So exciting!

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Slab Floor Preparations

Slab Floor Preparations - 08/31/15

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Construction Begins!

Construction Begins! - 08/02/15

At the end of July things began to move on the new property. First the equipment was delivered, then the footers were dug. Concrete was poured, and then cement blocks were laid. This is very exciting! Check back for updates!

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Construction Begins!

Construction Begins! - 08/02/15

At the end of July things began to move on the new property. First the equipment was delivered, then the footers were dug. Concrete was poured, and then cement blocks were laid. This is very exciting! Check back for updates!

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Petito Chrismation

Petito Chrismation - 08/09/15

On Sunday, August 9, the feast of St. Herman of Alaska, Juliana (Taylor) Petito was received into the Holy Orthodox Church through the Rite of Holy Chrismation. Many Years!

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Pentecost 2015

Penteocost 2015 - 05/31/15

On Sunday, May 31, Holy Apostles joined the Orthodox world in celebrating the 8th Sunday and the 50th Day of Pascha: Holy Pentecost! The night before the festal Vigil was served. On Pentecost Day, the church was decked with festive greens and the Divine Liturgy was served with a full church and several guests. Immediately following the Divine Liturgy the traditional "Kneeling Vespers" was served. For the first time following services our community help an "International Pot-luck" with families bringing dishes from all over the word. It was a wonderful celebration!

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A Christian Ending Seminar

"A Christian Ending" Seminar - 05/02/15

On Saturday, May 2, Holy Apostles Mission welcomed Dn. Mark & Mat. Elizabeth Barna, of South Carolina, to lead a seminar on traditional burial practices for Orthodox Christians. This idea started several years ago when the Vision Committee incorperated a cemetery on the wishlist of the parish vision. Interest in the parish grew as the Barna's published work "A Christian Ending" made its rounds in the parish. The idea was brought up to have the Father Deacon & Matushka visit and share their wisdom and experience with us. We were delighted to have them with us, as well as many parishioners from local Harrisburg parishes for the day long seminar.

For more information on the book and this topic, please see the links below:

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Pascha 2015

Pascha 2015 - 04/12/15

On Sunday, April 12, Holy Apostles Parish joined the Orthodox wold in celebrating the Great Pascha of our Lord - Christ isRisen!

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Father Timothy Elevated to Archpriest

Fr. Timothy elevated to Archpriest - 04/06/15

On Holy Monday (4/6), His Eminence, our Archbishop Mark, was with us for the celebration of the second Bridegroom Matins. At the end of the service, Vladyka elevated Fr. Timothy to the dignity of Archpriest. Axios!

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New Construction Loan Papers Signed

New Construction Loan Papers Signed - 01/07/15

On Wednesday, January 7, the faithful of Holy Apostles Mission signed documents for a $1.5 million loan for the construction of their "Phase I" Building. May God bless the work the hands in this holy endeavor!

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Theophany 2015

Theophany 2015 - 01/06/15

After the Great Blessing if the Water at Liturgy, Fr. Timothy and some brave souls went to the new property to bless it. After a short moliben at the cross marker, the "procession" went and blessed the place where the new building will soon be built. Fr. Timothy then offered some words of encouragement in the spot where the future ambo will be - and hopefully he'll stand there and do it again in a new Church building next year!

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Nativity of Christ - 2014

Nativity of Christ - 2014 - 12/25/14


The faithful of Holy Apostles Mission, Mechanicsburg, celebrated the great feast of the Nativity of our Lord on Thursday, December 25. Joining us were our Matushka Anastasia's Parents, Very Rev. Nicholas and Mat. Anastasia Sr. Molodyko-Harris from Merritt Island, FL and Fr. Christopher Rocknege from St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church in Steelton. Our local tradition is he joins us for New Calendar Christmas, and we join him on January 7. Christ is Born! Glorify Him!


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New Bells, Gingerbread Contest, and New Council Installation

New Bells, Gingerbread Contest, & New Council Installation - 12/20/15


This past summer Fr. Timothy received a call from a dear family friend with an amazing offer: bells! These are the same bells that were brought to St. Michael's in Wilmington for his wedding and ordination. The owner was looking to downsize, and wanted to return them to a church. Knowing Fr. Tim's love of bells he offered them to the mission. After some work to find a place to hold them (as our current facility is not ideal) the bells were picked up the week before Christmas from Delaware. We used them (a lot) for the weekend and then put the bells in storage until the new building is built and they can be properly secured. The faithful in Mechanicsburg thank God for this amazing gift that will be heard throughout Mechanicsburg!


We also had our annual Gingerbread contest. This year's theme was "Christmas Songs." all the money raised ($360) went to charity.


Also, with the blessing of Bishop Mark, the 2015 Mission Council was installed.


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Noel Chrismation

Noel Chrismation - 11/30/14


On Sunday, Nov. 30 2014, the feast of the Holy Apostle Andrew, Brian Noel was received into the Orthodox Church through the Mystery of Holy Chrismation, taking the name Panteleimon. Many years to the newly illuminated Panteleimon, and his sponsor Dn. Seraphim!


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Youth Charity Luncheon 2014

Youth Charity Luncheon - 11/09/14

On Sunday, November 9, the Sunday closest to the feast of St. John the Merciful, the Youth of Holy Apostles Mission held their annual Charity Luncheon.

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Special Parish Meeting 10.7.14

Special Parish Meeting 10.7.14 - 10/07/14


On Tuesday, October 7, Holy Apostles Mission met to make a historic decision to proceed in taking on a loan to build their "Phase I" Church/Hall.  The meeting began with a Moliben for the Opening of a Sacred Council in the presence of the relics of the Holy Apostles and the Holy Hierarchs and Evangelizers, Innocent of Moscow, Innocent of Irkutsk, and Nicholas of Japan. Fr. Timothy offered some opening remarks, and then Mark Linnehan offered a presentation of the plan going forward, explaining the way in which we could achieve this goal. The vote was taken with a unanimous approval to go forward. His Grace, Bishop Mark, was in communication, and has blessed the decision and supports to parish's desire to take on this project.


Please keep the youngest parish of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania in your prayers in the exciting and challenging months and years ahead. Glory to God for all things!


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Elevation of the Cross 2014

Elevation of the Holy Cross 2014 - 09/14/14

On Sunday, September 14, Holy Apostles Mission celebrated the Great Feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross.

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Christine Perrin's Chrismation

Christine Perrin's Chrismation - 06/22/14

On Sunday, June 22, Christine Perrine was recieved into the Holy Orthodox Church through the Rite of Holy Chrismation. May God grant her many years!

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Pentecost 2014

Pentecost 2014 - 06/08/14

On Sunday, June 8, Holy Apostles Mission celebrated the Great Feast of Pentecost. Vigil was served the evening of June 7, and the Festal Divine Liturgy & "Kneeling" Vespers was served on the Feast itself.

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Pascha 2014

Pascha 2014 - 04/20/14

On Sunday, April 20, the community of Holy Apostles Mission celebrated the Lord's Resurrection with great joy! Christ is Risen!

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Palm Sunday 2014

Palm Sunday 2014 - 04/13/14

On Palm Sunday, April 13, Holy Apostles Mission observed the Great Feast of the Lord's Entry into Jerusalem. Also, four of our children were recognized for making their First Confessions.

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Bishop Mark's Visit

Bishop Mark Visits - 03/30/14

On Sunday, March 30, His Grace our Bishop Mark made an Archpastoral visit to Holy Apostles Mission. A Hierarchical Liturgy was celebrated where His Grace bestowed on Fr. Timothy the right to wear the gold cross given by the recent session of the Holy Synod of Bishops.  Axios! A festive Lenten luncheon followed.

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Scout Sunday

Scout Sunday - 02/02/14

On Sunday, February 2, 2014, the feast of the Meeting of the Lord, and the Sunday of Zacchaeus, Holy Apostles recognized the Scouts of our parish for their work in our parish an in the community.

As a special blessing, we also welcomed two people into the Catechumenate of the Church. May God grant them Many years!

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Blessing of the Susquehanna River 2014

Blessing of the Susquehanna River - 01/19/14

On Sunday, January 19th the Orthodox parishes of Greater Harrisburg gathered at City Island Park for the 6th Annual Pan-Orthodox Great Blessing of the Susquehanna. His Grace, Bishop Mark of Baltimore was our celebrant, and gave a wonderful homily encouraging us to embrace our Faiths "positive view" of creation, which is affirmed by the Incarnation of the Son of God, and by His sanctification of the waters and by extension the entire world at His Baptism! Following the blessing the faithful gathered at Agia Sophia Coffeehouse and Bookstore for fellowship and our Second Annual "Chilli/Soup Cook-off". Glory to God for all things!

Parishes gathered for the celebration were:
• Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church (OCA) in Harrisburg
• Holy Apostles Orthodox Mission (OCA) in Mechanicsburg
• Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral (GOA) in Camp Hill
• St. Nicholas Orthodox Church (SER) in Oberlin


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Nativity Vigil 2013

Nativity Vigil 2013 - 12/24/13

On the Eve of the Nativity of Christ, after our annual parish Holy Supper, the faithful of Holy Apostles gathered to celebrate the Vigil of the Feast of the Nativity of Christ.

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Vist of Met. Tikhon & Annual Gingerbread Contest

Vist of Met. Tikhon & Annual Gingerbread Contest - 12/15/13

On Sunday, December 15, despite the snow storm the day before, Holy Apostles was blessed with the presence of His Beatitude, Met. Tikhon. His Beatitude, who was in the area celebrating his parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Also, that day the new 2014 Mission Council was installed, and our annual Gingerbread Contest was held. The contest has people "vote" with money on their favorite submission, and then the money is then given over to a charity. This year's theme was "Favorite Christmas Movie". In response to the appeal from IOCC, the money collected will go towards items for health kits the church school will assemble next Sunday (12/22).

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St. Anna Icon Visit

Visit of St. Anna Icon - 11/03/13

On the weekend of November 2-3, Archimandrite Athanasy of St. Tikhon's Monastery visited Holy Apostles Mission bringing with him the wonderworking icon of St. Anna. As a special blessing, he also brought the relics of our Heavenly Patrons, the 12 Holy Apostles. At the end of the Divine Liturgy a Moliben of Intercession was served to St. Anna. We thank Fr. Athanasy for being with us, for his kind and encouraging words, and we look forward to the next time we can welcome him and St. Anna back to our community.

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Blessing of New Land

Blessing of New Land - 10/13/13

On Sunday, October 13, Holy Apostles Mission gathered on their new 14 acre site to bless the site and to erect a cross marking where the church will be built. Some 118 people were present to share in this joy. Joining Fr. Timothy and Dn. Seraphim were Fr Alexander Atty, of Louisville KY and Fr. Stephen Vernak, Pastor of Christ the Saviour, Harrisburg. Plans to build a multipurpose "phase I" building are in the works for the coming year. Please keep the community of Holy Apostles in your prayers in the exciting and challenging months and years to come. Glory to God for all things!

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Beginning of the Church School Year 2013

Church School 2013 - 09/22/13

On Sunday, September 22, Holy Apostles Mission kicked off our 2013-2014 Church School Program. As is our parish tradition, on the first Sunday of Church School Fr. Timothy serves the Service of Proskomedia in the middle of the Church explaining this important, but rarely seen service.
At the end of the Liturgy, prayers were said for the students and teachers of the parish, as well as a special travel blessing for Monica Jekel who will be spending a semester abroad in England.

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Blessing of Vehicles 2013

Blessing of Vehicles - 07/14/13

On Sunday July 14, following the Divine Liturgy, Holy Apostles processed to the parking lot for the annual blessing of vehicles.

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Vacation Church School

Vacation Church School - 06/17/13

Click here to see pictures from this year's Vacation Church School. Thanks to all who worked to make this a success!

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Holy Apostles Feast/Visit of Bishop Melchisedek

Patronal Feast Day & Visit of Bishop Melchisedek - 06/30/13

On June 29-30, His Grace Bishop Melchisedek of Pittsburgh joined us and lead us in worship for our Patronal Feast. Thank you to Kirl Burnett and John Constantine for the photos!

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Pentecost 2013

Pentecost 2013 - 06/23/13

On Pentecost weekend, June 22-23, Holy Apostles Mission celebrated the Great Feast of Pentecost. On Saturday evening a full vigil was celebrated. Sunday morning the Festal Divine Liturgy with the Vespers of Pentecost with the special kneeling prayers were served. Thank you to John and Nadia Constantine for taking pictures in our usual "Photodeacon"'s absence.

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