St. Elijah Blessing 2009 - pictures added 7/25! - 07/19/09

On Sunday, July 19, the Sunday closest to the feast of the Great Prophet Elijah (July 20), the faithful of Holy Apostles Mission processed into the parking lot after Liturgy for our annual blessing of vehicles.
The prayer before the Ambo
bikes too!
if people were in front of their cars...well you can figure it out from Father's expression :)
Alexios realizing that the "super soaker" brush was living up to its name and that we were running out of holy water...
all vehicles great and small
Nick & his dad
the Choir sang the tropar for St. Elijah, and "O Lord save thy People..."
We all returned inside for the dismissal
our New St. Elijah ikon
going back in
the always rare photographer picture :)