Nativity of Christ 2009 - 12/25/09

On the Great Feast of our Lord's birth, Holy Apostles gathered to celebrate the joy of the feast with a festal Divine Liturgy. Even the threat of inclement weather did not deter the faithful from assembling. Christ is Born!
Altar Servers
Altar Servers
A parish gift to our choir director Barbara
Kyra goes to Holy Communion
Subdn. Seraphim reads the Epistle
The Gospel Reading
The Great Entrance
The Divine Liturgy
Madi goes to Holy communion
THe Magnification at the end of Liturgy
"Many Years!"
Fr. Timothy reads the Metropolitan's Nativity Message
Orthodoxy is a small world - they were both baptized at the same parish in West Virginia, and met up by God's providence on Christmas Day in Mechanicsburg!